I’m in Your Debt Pt. I

Did you know there’s an entire industry dedicated to making people pay their bills? Have you ever received a call from someone, saying you’re in debt, and you need to pay up?

This episode of The Pulse: an insider’s look at a $55 billion industry, and the people that make it work. The first of two episodes on the subject.

The Elected Executive

We’ve all been thinking about the people governing over us from DC. But, it’s important to remember that there are people much closer to home, that are also involved in governing.

I talked to two of those people, and I asked them: what’s it like to be in elected office?

(Off Topic) Adventure is Out There

What would it be like to get away from it all? To pack up your stuff, and ride off in to the sunset? To not have any deadlines, or trip itineraries? To go where you want, when you want?

I talk to someone who did exactly that. Hear her story, on this episode of The Pulse.


Why We March

There have been a number of high profile marches this year. In fact, it seems that marching is all some people have time for. There’s always something to protest, or support. In any case, why do people go out and march? Does it have the same effects as it did ‘back in the day?’

Find out, on this episode of The Pulse.

Music credit: Kevin Macleod,Renaissance Soul,Graham Bole,Kai Engel,Revolution Void.

Crime and Punishment

Why do we put people in jail? What are we hoping to achieve? Are those goals being met, and could we be doing better?

Today on The Pulse, I talk with a former inmate, and the commander of a county jail.

A Woman’s Choice

This week, I present two organizations on the opposite ends of the abortion debate. The bulk of this episode is not about abortion specifically; but rather, I focus on how these two groups go about caring for women. They share more similarities than you would think.

Keep an open mind.

Music credit: Renaissance Soul, Kevin MacLeod, Kai Engel, and Purpleplanet.com.